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You might find a lot of topics on this blog such as music, travelling, product review, short opus from my daily life and so on. I think the most discussed in Rooftop Journal is music and personal life. Why "Rooftop" ? Simply because i love to see everything from the high place and rooftop is kind of high place and best part of a building for me.

I've started  since 2013 as a place for me to write and share about anything that keeps me busy and happy. I'm looking forward to do my first backpacking especially to Malaysia and Singapore to make my travel list to be started.

This blog helps me to keep writing and remind me about my dreams, a way to keep me on fire. I put my list around the header, hope you guys will be inspired and motivated. I will be more happy if you want to be friend. Let's have fun and meet me on my future trip or music. Enjoy this blog! Thank You.

T Y A S   W.